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Seurat Technologies to additively manufacture 59 tons of parts for Siemens Energy turbines

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Seurat Technologies is to develop 59 tons of additively manufactured metal components for Siemens Energy turbines, the Massachusetts-based company’s first named customer.


The development, which will ramp up over a six-year period as Seurat scales up its Area Printing capability, will initially focus on one part family with the potential to include others in the future as volumes increase. Seurat will leverage its Area Printing metal 3D printing technology to manufacture turbine seal segments for Siemens Energy at an initially volume of 2 tons per year, before gradually scaling to 15 tons per year.


Area Printing is a laser-powered powder bed fusion process that uses pulsed infrared lasers and blue light projection to melt metal materials, and build parts layer by layer. Currently, Seurat has designed machinery that can print at 3.0kg/hr across a 450 x 450 x 450 mm build volume, with the aim to reach 1700kg/hr across a 9.6 x 9.6 x 9.6 mm build volume by 2030. As it scales its technology up, Seurat believes it can mitigate as much as 100 metric tons of CO2 by 2030, validating its carbon footprint forecast according to ISO 14064 standards.


Such potential has attracted the interest of Siemens Energy, and multiple other manufacturers who have signed letters of intent to harness Area Printing to additively manufacture end-use products. Siemens Energy, through its venture arm, has also sought to invest cash into Seurat Technologies.


“Siemens Energy is always looking for innovative technologies that can transform the future while creating a more sustainable world,” commented Siemens Energy Head of Venture Building Enrique Gonzales Zanetich. “We’re excited about our future orienting high-quality parts with fantastic economies of scale to deliver cost savings. We invested in Seurat Technologies and believe that strengthening our partnership could help to accelerate decarbonisation in the industry at scale.”


“Seurat’s partnership with Siemens Energy is a major milestone for 3D metal printing and our potential to deliver limitless scalability and cost savings,” added Seurat CEO and co-founder James DeMuth. “We are proud to be trusted by global leaders who are reimagining manufacturing. Volumes of this order of magnitude significantly move the needle towards greener technologies and unlocking additive manufacturing’s full potential.”


Last year, Seurat announced that its pilot facility is fully subscribed, with a full-scale production factory being brought online to accommodate customer demand. The company has so far raised over 90 million USD in funding and has 209 patents granted and pending.


“Seurat is a part of an emerging wave of Massachusetts additive manufacturers that are utilising revolutionary processes, materials, and a world-class workforce to dramatically impact global industries, as shown by this new partnership,” offered Christine Nolan, Director of the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing at MassTech, an economic development agency for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. “Companies like Seurat are what makes Massachusetts the top innovation economy and a global leader in advanced manufacturing.”


Seurat Technologies was featured in TCT Magazine recently, as we placed a focus on a number of metal additive manufacturing companies bringing to market proprietary technologies through a parts as a service business model.