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Nexa3D launches XiP Pro 3D printer at RAPID + TCT

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Nexa3D has announced the launch of its XiP Pro 3D printing system at RAPID + TCT.

Equipped with a more powerful print engine and a 19.5-litre build volume, Nexa3D believes the XiP Pro delivers ‘previously attainable’ production capabilities for industrial users.

Nexa3D claims that its XiP Pro delivers the daily throughout of ‘at least four’ competitive resin-based printers. The machine also facilitates the stacking of smaller parts on top of one another to take advantage of its sizeable build volume, while a print speed of up to 24 vertical centimetres per hour means the machine can produce its entire build volume within two hours. Like the XiP printer, Nexa uses the patented LCD-based print technology to reduce peel forces and enable faster print speeds.

Among the other capabilities of the XiP Pro are a 7K resolution LCD screen with 46µm pixel size to ensure precise detailing; a combination of advanced sensors, adaptive layer-by-layer printing, and a closed loop Z-stage with auto honing capabilities for enhanced printability; and compatibility with Nexa’s vast materials portfolio, which includes xABS, xPP, xFLEX475, xFLEX405, and xMOLD.

XiP Pro is being brought to market with a new and enhanced NexaX OS workflow automation platform, which covers fleet management and remote monitoring, while also facilitating the faster generation of support structures in multiple shapes, print file size reduction, and faster slicing.

“We packaged our most advanced technologies into the XiP Pro, and it exceeds all expectations for what’s possible in terms of productivity and total cost of ownership,” commented Nexa3D co-founder, Chairman and CEO Avi Reichental. “XiP Pro is a paradigm shift for industrial users looking to scale additive production. The printer’s compact but rugged aluminium enclosure is built for a tough production floor setting and performance longevity.”

“Nexa3D has done a great job bringing down the costs of 3D printing while increasing production capacity,” added Glen Mason, Director, Advanced Manufacturing at Wilson Sporting Goods / DeMarini Sports, a member of select Nexa3D users with early access to the XiP Pro. “Their printers are getting bigger, faster, and more affordable which is a total win for users. I'm super excited about the XiP Pro as it is the tool I need to get to a larger scale, giving us about a 10x throughput compared to where we're at today. With a larger build platform, we’re able to print larger parts, and stack smaller parts for maximum throughput. It's positively taking the technology in every direction, decreasing cost per part while increasing resolution, speed, and build capacity.”

Nexa3D is showcasing the XiP Pro 3D printing system at RAPID + TCT between May 2-4 from Booth #2712.