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Ogle takes deep dive into museum exhibit with 3D printed model

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Ogle Models and Prototypes was recently approached by Jeremy Hunt, lead sculptor on the BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs, to 3D print detailed models of animal heads.

The project was commissioned by the National Museum of Qatar as part of a series of marine models created by Hunt.

The team at Ogle took part in research into the world of marine animals for the project. The model the team produced was the head of a dugong, a large marine mammal that is the cousin of the manatee.

Hunt said of Ogle Models: “The materials they use are really interesting to me, like the translucent white material. When I’m doing marine things, you need some translucency which is ideal for adding artwork to. They’re a brilliant company to work with. They always deliver solutions if you’ve got specific requirements and try new techniques and are happy to be experimental.”

According to Ogle, it has invested over 2 million GBP in the 'best equipment available', enabling it to achieve the quality required on projects such as the dugong. To achieve the detail, Ogle used stereolithography (SLA) technology.

Ogle said that there was no support structure printed on the ‘crucial’ A surface features, which ensured no fine details on the head of the model were lost. The final touches were added by Hunt as well as the painting of the model before it was shipped to Qatar, where it is now on display in the natural environment gallery. 

Matt White, Senior Sales Engineer at Ogle, said: “It was great seeing the whole sculpture come to life and be fully finished. From a clear SLA print and machined part to a fully finished, life-like model, it was quite a transformation. For us, it was amazing to see the processes used in a different way.”

In October 2022, Ogle Models played a key role in the production of the Airo, creating a fully hand-finished and painted model for IM Motors.