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APWORKS targets previously unviable applications with purchase of Farsoon FS422M-4 metal 3D printing

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Additive manufacturing service provider APWORKS is to install a Farsoon FS422M-4 metal 3D printing system to support its production of intricate metal parts.

The company received the quad-laser FS422M-4 machine at its facilities over the Christmas period, and will deploy the technology to produce aerospace parts in Scalmalloy. Farsoon says it will continue to work with APWORKS to focus on ‘long-term innovation, increased production capacity, and reliable and sustainable series production.’

“We are very excited to take this step with FARSOON. We believe that it will enable us to scale our production of high-quality Scalmalloy parts in the most economical way possible,” commented Jon Meyer, CEO of APWORKS.

APWORKS, previously a subsidiary of Airbus, is no stranger to metal powder bed fusion 3D printing technologies having become the first user of Additive Industries’ MetalFAB1 system in 2016. The company has since commenced work to certify 3D printed aerospace parts using the technology, while also exploring the application of metal 3D printing in the automotive and motorsport sectors.

With Farsoon’s FS422M-4, APWORKS believes it will be able to build on this progress, targeting applications that were previously not economically viable.

“Our goal has always been to expand the scope of metal additive manufacturing applications, which has generally been limited by the economics of the process,” added Meyer. “The total cost of ownership coupled with the productivity of the AM systems we use is the biggest factor in defining which applications areas we can add value in. We believe that the Farsoon FS422M-4 machine offers us a step change in overall cost of ownership and productivity, enabling us to target applications which were previously not economically attractive. Through this cooperation with Farsoon we intend to further scale the scope of our business, empowering more customers to reap the benefits that this technology has to offer.”

With the delivery of the FS422M-4 machine to APWORKS, Farsoon has surpassed 1,000 machine sales - half of which have been medium-large format (400mm and above) machines.