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Leap 71 releases PicoGK open-source computational engineering framework

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Computational engineering outfit Leap 71 has released an open-source software framework named PicoGK.

Pronounced ‘Peacock’, PicoGK forms the basis for all of the company’s computational engineering models, including the RP/CEM model for space propulsion systems being leveraged by the Exploration Company. It will give engineers access to foundational computational engineering capabilities that will allow them to build out their own modules, with RP/CEM remaining proprietary to Leap 71. 

Leap 71 has felt compelled to release PicoGK as an open-source product to enact a ‘movement’ around computational engineering. Computational engineering is a discipline that sees engineers input their know-how alongside the requirements of their application to generate an algorithm that will then develop the part optimally. Adopting this method of design and engineering, parts, structures, and machines can be developed in minutes and hours as opposed to days and weeks.

PicoGK has been made available immediately under the Apache 2.0 Open-Source License on Leap 71’s Github repository, with the company committed to launching additional open-source modules in the future.

“At our company, we are creating sophisticated machinery using computational engineering, in fields from electric mobility to space propulsion; from hydraulic systems to heat exchangers,” commented Leap 71 founder and CEO Josefine Lissner. “But computational engineering needs to become a global movement, and any movement needs an open-source foundation.”

“Humanity is entering a critical phase where we need to out-innovate some of our global challenges,” added Lin Kayser, Leap 71 co-founder and former Hyperganic CEO. “Accelerating the speed at which new technologies can be invented and brought to market is paramount. This needs to happen broadly and cannot be done by just one company. PicoGK is one important step on the path to global adoption of this paradigm.”