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ELEGOO launches new line of upgraded FDM and LCD 3D printers

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ELEGOO, a Shenzhen-based company specialising in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of consumer-grade 3D printers and other smart technology products, has launched a new series of upgraded 3D printers. The new product portfolio include two FDM 3D printers, the Neptune 4 and Neptune 4 Pro, and four LCD printers, the Saturn 3 and Saturn 3 Ultra, and the Mars 4 and Mars 4 Ultra.

“ELEGOO is driven by automation and intelligence, offering convenient, joyful, and personalised user experiences,” said Chris Hong, Founder and CEO of ELEGOO. “We are a customer-centric company, always aiming to lower barriers and enable further exploration of the creative universe together.”

The new ELEGOO Neptune 4 and 4 Pro are equipped with Klipper firmware that provides a higher computing power, and a maximum speed of 500 mm/s, which the company says is 10-times faster than standard desktop FDM printers. The higher speed requires a more stable structure to reduce vibrations, so the new systems are equipped with tensioning adjustment devices on both the X and Y axes to improve printing accuracy, and the widened Y-axis then makes the printing more stable.

To be better suited for handling the increased heat that is generated during faster printing, the Neptune 4 and 4 Pro also adopt a ‘4 x 4020’ cooling fan design that the company says supports fast heat dissipation of printed modes.

ELEGOO’s new Saturn series of LCD 3D printers feature an upgraded LCD screen, going from an 8K to a 12K screen, with a 11,520 x 5120 resolution that lets users create larger, higher quality pieces according to the company. Combined with ELEGOO self-developed new open-source GOO slicing format, both models support multiple slicing software without restriction says ELEGOO.

The company says that if powered by ELEGOO Fast Standard Resin the printing speed of Saturn 3 Ultra can reach up to 150mm per hour, three times faster compared to previous Saturn products. In order to achieve this, it adopts an ACF release film that it says is easier to demould, while improving consistency and efficiency to ensure the quality of the printed items.

The Mars 4 and 4 Ultra feature a 9K screen, offering 8520 x 4320 resolution and a build volume of 153.36 x 77.76 x 165 mm3. ELEGOO says that to encourage a healthier and more pleasant printing environment, the Mars 4 and 4 Ultra are compatible with its USB air purifier, to be launched in late 2023.