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Autodesk to integrate nTop Implicit Interop capability into Fusion CAD software

Source:        DateTime:2023.11.08        Hits:

Autodesk has integrated nTop’s Implicit Interop capability into its Fusion 360 CAD software.

nTop launched Implicit Interop in partnership with EOS earlier this year, giving users the capacity to transfer complex designs in megabyte-sized files to significantly reduce file generation and upload times.

While Autodesk has equipped its Fusion platform with implicit modelling capabilities through the introduction of volumetric lattice tools via its Product Design Extension, it considers nTop to be ‘at the forefront’ of implicit geometry. nTop’s software gives users the capability to develop complex, high-performance parts, with manufacturers in aerospace, medical devices, automotive and consumer goods implementing the technology.

Integrating these capabilities into Fusion, Autodesk says users of nTop will be able to ‘effortlessly transition’ their designs to Autodesk’s ‘comprehensive CAD/CAM tools using the nTop add-in for Fusion, while Fusion users will be able to efficiently transfer sophisticated designs between systems with file sizes reduced from gigabytes to megabytes.

The implicit import feature will eliminate the need for large mesh files, making it easier to handle highly complex parts and import implicit designs into Fusion in seconds. The robust build preparation tools inside Fusion, such as part orientation, packing, support generation, slicing and machine-specific build file generation, also help to enhance the efficiency of additive manufacturing processes. Autodesk says the implicit import functionality also allows users a bridge into Fusion’s process simulation toolset for the prediction of build failures, while its CAM features will also provide access of nTop’s functions to CNC machining users.