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KraussMaffei launches powerPrint large-scale 3D printer

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KraussMaffei launches powerPrint large-scale 3D printer

KraussMaffei has announced that its powerPrint large-scale 3D printer, which launched at the K trade show in 2022 alongside the precisionPrint system, is now available for purchase, as well as announcing a print-on-demand service using the system. The powerPrint can manufacture products with a volume of up to ten cubic metres.


The company says that since the introduction of the 3D printer at K 2022, it has been successfully tested for a wide variety of fibre-reinforced and compounded materials.


Rolf Mack, Vice President of Additive Manufacturing at KraussMaffei said: “The powerPrint is ready to produce custom parts for the customer at the customer’s facility with the highest industry and quality standards.”


KraussMaffei manufactures systems for extrusion, injection moulding and reaction process machinery, and use this process knowledge to develop new technologies such as 3D printing according to the company.


The powerPrint offers an output rate of up to 30 kg/h and produces components with dimensions of up to 2 x 2.5 x 2 m independently and without manual intervention at a temperature of up to 350°C. The parts are removed from the machine from the front door by crane via a folding roof in the heat-resistant enclosure.


As an alternative to purchasing the powerPrint, the company also offers a print-on-demand service as an alternative. In this service, applications are designed according to customer specifications and technical possibilities and then printed, with KraussMaffei also handling post-processing. Components already manufactured through the service include a moulding tool for the vacuum infusion process, a sand casting mould and a charging column, among others.