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US Navy selects MELD technology for Navy Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence

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In November, MELD Manufacturing announced that the U.S. Navy has selected its technology to launch the Navy Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence, located at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research in Danville, Virginia.

The U.S. Navy recently showcased the space that will house its MELD L3 model 3D printer along with a K2 printer. MELD machines will be placed at the centre to enhance the U.S. Navy’s 16-week Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing (ATMD) program. The U.S. Navy will also be working with industry and the Office of the Secretary of Defense to recruit and train individuals with skills in welding, machining, and additive manufacturing.

MELD’s alliance with the Navy is helping to enhance the education of students enrolled in its program by enabling hands-on experience with additive manufacturing. In the U.S. Navy, these skills will be utilised in submarine construction and shipbuilding.

The manufacturing centre was initially opened in October, with representatives from the U.S. Navy as well as Virginia’s Governor Youngkin and Virginia Congressman Bob Good in attendance. At the ribbon cutting event, MELD showcased a 3 metre-tall MELD deposited ring.

Nanci Hardwick, MELD CEO, presented Rear Admiral Scott W. Pappano and Rear Admiral Jason M. Lloyd with MELD deposited parts which demonstrates its unique capabilities to print Navy specific materials including copper/nickel (CuNi) and HY8o steel.

According to MELD, it is committed to bringing added value of a ‘robust’ workforce and an ‘indestructible’ supply chain for the U.S. defence sector. MELD also says the company aims to disrupt manufacturing and repair of metals to serve humanity with the power of 3D printing, on earth and in space.