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Xaar to manufacture Quantica NovoJet printheads after exclusive partnership agreed

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Xaar has signed an exclusive commercial partnership with Quantica to manufacture the company’s NovoJet printheads.

Quantica’s NovoJet 3D printing systems are designed to enable ultra-high viscosity printing for 2D and 3D printing applications. The company has partnered with Xaar to take advantage of its extensive printhead manufacturing expertise.

Manufacturing will take place at Xaar’s high-tech facility in Huntingdon, with the companies expecting the initial NovoJet printheads to be shipping in Quantica’s first 3D printers from the end of 2023.

Through the agreement, Xaar will also have commercial access to Quantica’s IP in the jetting of highly viscous materials at up to 400cP at jetting temperature. This will complement Xaar’s existing printheads and ImagineX technology portfolio which already enable jetting up to 100cP. 

Graham Tweedale, Xaar’s COO, said: “Our partnership with Quantica is a win-win for both our businesses. The combination of our existing ImagineX technologies with the capability offered by Quantica’s IP will ensure Xaar offers the widest range of solutions in jetting highly viscous materials. Similarly, Quantica will now be able to focus on the launch of its NovoJet 3D printers, with the backing of our expertise in manufacturing truly robust and reliable printheads.”

Ramon Borrell, CTO for Quantica, added: “Our mission is to give customers the full freedom of production, and this partnership is instrumental in helping us achieve this. Xaar is widely recognised for the quality of its printheads, and this agreement enables us to focus on delivering the roadmap of innovative NovoJet 3D printers for high performance multi-material parts with full confidence the printheads will deliver for our customers and partners.”

Founded in 2018 in Berlin, Quantica has dedicated its research and development efforts to both the NovoJet printhead technology and advanced multi-material 3D printers. By partnering with Xaar, Quantica says it will further focus on the development of its 3D printing systems for applications in dental, medical, electronics, R&D, and more. Earlier this year, the company raised 14 million EUR to ‘further industrialise’ its first products, after debuting its multi-material 3D printing technology.