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Sustainable fashion store created through 3D printing recyclable plastic

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Ecoalf, a sustainable and recycled clothing brand, has worked with Nagami, a design studio which brings 3D printing to large-scale products, to sustainably create a 3D printed store that represents the melting of the North and South Poles.

The interior of the Las Rozas Village store is completely printed from 100% recycled plastic, using 3D printing technology to replicate the look of a melting glacier. The walls, shelves and display tables are made from 3.3 tonnes of recycled plastic, in line with Ecoalf’s values of innovation design and sustainability.

According to Ecoalf, all of the elements have been produced in Spain to reduce CO2 emissions, and the entire space is recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. The installation wraps around the 90m2 space and will display Ecoalf’s garments, accessories, and footwear made from recycled and low-impact materials.

“We love to collaborate with those who share our values and vision, and Nagami is at the forefront of sustainable architecture. This project brings together design and technology to raise awareness about climate change and inspire a real change,” Javier Goyeneche, Founder and President of Ecoalf.

Manuel Jiménez García, Co-Founder and CEO of Nagami, said: “We urgently need to rethink the way we produce and consume to provoke a real change in the industry. Today, 3D printing allows us to bring to life spaces that before were unimaginable, produced locally not only by using recycled materials, but establishing production chains that are cleaners, more sustainable and flexible, and this is already a reality.”