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3DX Industries makes equipment upgrades to 3D Print Lab

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3D printing service provider 3DX Industries has announced ‘significant equipment upgrades’ to its 3D Print Lab.

The hardware and software upgrades, per the company, will ‘significantly increase the production efficiencies’ within its operations.

With an upgrade to its operating system, 3DX expects the overall performance of its equipment to improve, while new print heads, valves and common wear parts will help to produce components at ‘the highest quality and efficiency.’

3DX harnesses additive manufacturing to supply parts and prototypes to the healthcare, green energy, aerospace, automotive and consumer product industries. The company uses both ExOne M-Flex metal 3D printing technology and Z-Corp composite 3D printing technology, and also leans on subtractive manufacturing processes.

“Metal printing technology and processes are continually improving and by implementing these hardware and software upgrades to our print lab and ancillary equipment we will see improved efficiencies in production time, order flow and powder reclamation,” commented Roger Janssen, President & CEO of 3DX Industries. “It is important to stay on the cutting edge of this technology as it evolves and 3DX is committed to maintaining our position as a leader in the industry.”

“These upgrades are an investment into our business and the confidence we have in the industry,” added Nicholas Coriano, VP of East Coast Operations for 3DX Industries. “Investing into these quality additions gives us the opportunity to stay at the forefront of the technology and service new and existing customers with the latest in Metal Printing Technology. These upgrades allow us to offer our clients the very best in 3D metal printing services and solutions.”