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Established in 2015, TCT Asia is the leading event for 3d printing & additive manufacturing in China. Part of the global TCT Network, The TCT Asia mission goes beyond simply raising awareness of 3d printing & additive manufacturing; it is focused on developing a 360-degree understanding of the potential of 3d printing & additive manufacturing technologies to increase utilisation at all stages of design, engineering and manufacturing. Additionally, TCT Asia 3d exhibition serve as educational hubs, offering seminars and presentations about additive manufacturing technologies, to disseminate knowledge and insights about 3D printing technologies and their diverse applications across various sectors.

Exhibiting at TCT Asia 3d exhibition presents a prime opportunity for companies involved in 3D printing and additive manufacturing to showcase their expertise, products, and technologies to a highly targeted audience. As a leading 3D exhibition in China, TCT Asia attracts a diverse range of stakeholders, including additive manufacturing companies, industry professionals, and enthusiasts. By participating in TCT Asia 2024, additive manufacturing companies' exhibitors can gain unparalleled visibility, connect with potential clients and partners, and discuss additive manufacturing 3d printing process and new type of 3d printing with leading industry peers to stay at the forefront of additive manufacturing technologies.

  • Over the last 9 years, TCT Asia has set the industry agenda, connecting 300+ exhibitors from various additive manufacturing companies and more than 16,000 visitors from over 50 countries. The visitors of TCT Asia 3d exhibition typically includes professionals and enthusiasts from various industries such as Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Mechanical Industry and Apparel&Consumer Products etc. Tens of thousands of high-level decision makers attend TCT Asia to research and purchase 3d printing & additive manufacturing solutions in diverse industries, whether the new type of 3D printing, additive manufacturing 3d printing process, demonstrating 3d printing in aerospace engineering or showcasing 3d printing in industrial manufacturing, TCT Asia 2024 offers a dynamic platform to showcase innovations and drive business growth.

Stand Price

Early bird Price
Space Only
*The minimum booth size for a bare space is 18 square meters.
¥1,425~2,185 per sqm ¥ 1,500-2,300 per sqm
Shell Scheme ¥ 1,445-2,280 per sqm ¥ 1,700-2,400 per sqm


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