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PostProcess Technologies launches AUX-400-RINSE solution for the post-processing of resin parts

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PostProcess Technologies has announced the launch of a new rinse solution developed as an improved alternative to the isopropyl alcohol (IPA) rinse step in the additive manufacturing resin removal workflow.

AUX-400-RINSE has been formulated for resin-based applications wherever IPA has been historically been used as a final rinse for 3D printed parts in combination with a drying step. PostProcess believes its customers will now be able to implement an IPA-free workflow for the processing of resin parts. 

Per PostProcess, AUX-400-RINSE offers a higher flashpoint temperature of approximately twice that of IPA, which makes it less hazardous and reduces the risk of injury or damage to equipment. It can also reduce employee health risks, while the evaporative loss of the solution compared to IPA promises to make it a longer-lasting and more cost effective solution. Formulated using 90% green chemicals, PostProcess says AUX-400-RINSE also boasts an improvement in environmental impact. 

"We are thrilled to introduce AUX-400-RINSE to our customers as an improved, safer alternative to IPA rinse in their resin removal workflow," commented Matthew Noble, Director of Chemistry at PostProcess. "We are dedicated to creating solutions that improve safety and efficiency for our customers, and AUX-400-RINSE is another example of that commitment."

Additive manufacturing service bureau Quickparts is among the early users of the AUX-400-RINSE. 

“At Quickparts, as a long-time leader in on-demand manufacturing services, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cutting-edge additive processes, technologies and materials. Therefore we were pleased to participate in the trial use of PostProcess’ new AUX-400-RINSE solution,” added Tracy Beard, Director of Operations at Quickparts. “After performing numerous trials comparing the overall performance of AUX-400-RINSE to that of IPA rinse, we can say with confidence that we could effectively replace IPA rinse with AUX-400-RINSE in our standard workflow using the PostProcess DEMI 4000 for resin removal.”