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Orthopaedic company Wimba creates “4D printed” orthoses for dogs with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

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Krakow-based start-up Wimba has invested in the service of an HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 5210 to manufacture individual and prosthetic medical devices for dogs.

The company was founded in October 2022 and aims to create “4D” products to restore animal mobility. According to Wimba, it aims to innovate the field of individual orthopaedics supplies.

Brothers Franciszek and Grzegorz Kosch came up with the idea for the new company after their previous venture, Glaze Prosthetics, became the “first in the world” to design an upper limb prosthetic on HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology.

The previous company was founded in 2017 when the brothers 3D printed a customised prosthetic arm for a friend. According to the company, the brothers believed there to be a gap in the market for amputees wanting a light and durable prosthetic arm that also allowed them to express themselves by adding a personalised touch.

HP industrial-grade 3D printing technology and HP enterprise printers enabled Wimba’s prostheses to function and achieve the necessary lightness and durability according to the company. 

The main challenges faced by Wimba in its work are the length of production time and accuracy required for the process, from initial measurements to the finalised device. HP’s MJF technology has helped the business shorten its product lead time from six weeks using its previous method of manufacturing, to seven business days, per Wimba. 

The company also introduced a new app called WimbaScan, which shortens the time to take measurements from over one hour to 15 minutes.

Co-founder and CEO Grzegorz Kosch said: “The main goal of our products is to correct defects caused by degeneration, accidents, or inborn problems of animals in a way that is individually tailored to each animal. Thanks to HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology, our products are created individually, with the patient in mind. What sets us apart is our delivery time, the lightness of the solution and the possible personalisation. Until now none of that was possible. Wimba with HP is changing the vet world.”

Avelen Fernandez, WW Healthcare Segment Manager, HP 3D printing said: “We challenge ourselves to develop devices solutions that will be used at the cutting-edge of the healthcare industry, while still encouraging sustainable production. To see a company like Wimba rely on our 3D printing technology to push its field forward in such an innovative way is incredibly exciting. We are proud of our partners like ZiggZagg that prove themselves to be essential partners for industry-leading companies and consistently deliver the best that HP 3D printing solutions can provide.”