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SLM Solutions and Assembrix achieve milestone in secure remote 3D printing

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SLM Solutions and Assembrix have celebrated ‘remarkable progress’ in secure remote 3D printing. Building upon the successful integration of Assembrix VMS software into SLM Solution’s machines, both companies are now beginning the next phase to ensure enhanced safety and full protection of customers’ intellectual property.

SLM says this is made possible through the utilisation of state-of-the-art blockchain and encryption technologies. Together, the companies say they are committed to further strengthening the integrated solution, aiming for industrial-scale availability. Nanyang Polytechnic’s Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre has already adopted the technology, allowing learners to gain experience developing innovative solutions for the industry.

Zaw Hlwan Moe, Manager at Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Engineering said: “By leveraging secure cloud-based solutions, more manufacturing companies can explore remote arrangements while upholding the highest quality control standards. Technological advancements like these can significantly boost productivity in the additive manufacturing industry.”

Assembrix has introduced its Virtual Manufacturing Space platform (VMS) which is intended to simplify and secure the entire additive manufacturing process according to the company.

“With the increasing demand for secure distributed manufacturing solutions, the ‘Assembrix inside’ integration with SLM Solutions sets the new standard, providing the most secure solution available. It brings substantial value to manufacturers worldwide, reducing costs and mitigating risks,” added Lior Polak, Assembrix CEO.

SLM and Assembrix say that customers can now embrace remote 3D printing without concerns regarding the safety of their intellectual property. The next phase of the project is to deliver solutions on an industrial scale.

Nicolas Lemaire, Software Product Manager at SLM Solutions said: “The productive partnership between SLM Solutions and Assembrix empowers customers to fully leverage secure remote printing processes, supporting their distributed manufacturing strategies. It enhances SLM Solutions’ growing software and service solution portfolio, establishing itself as the leading additive manufacturing technology in the market.”