MarketZoo™ / Solution
Entry-level products

Web Cat

Turn anonymous website visitors into real-name sales leads

Internet visitor insight service, based on cookie monitoring, queries and matches your website visitors in TCT's database, and provides you with weekly updates on visitor company, name, and position reports; real-time grasp of your potential customer information, Assist your sales team to drive customer conversion faster.

More reasons to choose cat eyes

-As low as 1,200 yuan per month, free for the first month of first installation
-Complete code installation in 2 minutes, no need to modify
-Oracle Java code without any data risk
-Different pages can support multiple marketing predictions such as MVP (Minimum Order Quantity)

Cuckoo Feathr Cuckoo

Can do brand exposure without exhibiting

Based on Google Ad technology, the mobile APPs of the participants within the landmarks of overseas exhibition sites are advertised to help make overseas exposure. As the investment risks of overseas exhibitions increase, and the effects of the exhibition cannot be expected, Cuckoo can effectively help you make exhibition exposures, and help you to achieve higher gains with lower investment.

Social products

Ideer Live

Ideer Live is a small live online program based on WeChat. Viewers need to log in and authenticate to participate in the seminar. At the same time, it supports PPT sharing and playback. It is an excellent platform for TCT to solve the problem of professional buyer matching and online communication.

-Support audience data export
-Support blacklist and whitelist to ensure audience professionalism
-Support courseware download
-Support for automatically generating conference posters

Flagship product

Spider Mail powered by Oracle Eloqua

Diverse and accurate, direct access to target customers

TCT's email flash service based on Oracle Marketing Cloud software is different from the third-party email sending service. It provides a powerful "trigger-mail auto-flash" service. You can set multiple triggers precisely according to your needs. " "Spiderweb", the visitor's appointment to visit the exhibition, click to bookmark your booth, or even click on your news can become trigger conditions. For you to achieve 98% email arrival rate and 45% email open rate, it is time to change the extensive email marketing method.

There are more reasons why you should choose Spider

-More than 70 / industry/functional/concern labels/procurement budget labels are available
-67,000 + professional database
-the spider web is valid for up to one year
-support A/B tests
- support multiple "spider web" Settings to support your sales funnel