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01.What is the real challenge? of digitalization for Marketing?

The marketing team found themselves in a fast-changing global business environment. After the digital wave became a trend, the "combination of products and effects" gradually became the biggest challenge for marketers. Digital and innovative marketing solutions have emerged endlessly. However, they provide customer-centric, There are very few trusted digital marketing solution providers. We often fail to get reliable services after investing high costs, labor, and time costs.

02.Why is the MarketZoo ™ product team customer-centric?
More than 95% of our customers are exhibitors from the VNU Exhibition Group. As a European company headquartered in the Netherlands, VNU Group has provided hosting services for Chinese exhibitors for more than 30 years. The company hosts large-scale international exhibitions for more than 3,600 exhibitors. Here comes the business opportunity. More than 75% of exhibiting companies have cooperated with VNU for more than 5 years, of which more than 100 exhibitors have cooperated for more than 15 years. We have established a long-term and trustworthy exhibition marketing service relationship with our customers.

Exhibition organizer(year 2019)

  • 5,242
    Number of exhibitors
  • 1,100,000
03.What problems will the MarketZoo ™ product line solve for us?
At present, our online marketing product portfolio includes four completely different, set to achieve very different short-term / medium-long-term goals. This is also the origin of MarketZoo ™. These four solutions are targeted at visitor database, overseas exhibition launch, Webinars, emails, and products that truly meet the needs of market segments.
  • Visitor database
    The information I put on our website, I want to know who read it?
  • Overseas exhibition launch
    Do not participate in overseas exhibitions to achieve the effect of exhibition launch.
  • Webinar
    A more professional industry live broadcast platform
  • Mass email
    Let e-mail achieve accurate information flow push like Taobao
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